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Special Senior Faculty Member

Monthly Price: $25.48


The Great International School of Astrology is honored to have Niranjan Babu as a Senior Faculty member of the school. Sri Babu is the son of the late B.V. Raman, widely considered to be the greatest astrologer of the 20th Century. Sri Babu is an expert on astrology, Vastu, Mantra, Gemstones and meditation and is current editor of the Astrological eMagazine and was involved in the Astrological Magazine of India for nearly 40 years. Sri Babu will select the topic areas that he wishes to teach and the prices may vary from our standard rates.

As indicated, we will be offering more courses in English, Turkish, Spanish, and Roumanian as we build up capacity. We are hoping to offer classes in Dutch, German, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese as our school expands, as well as form partnerships with degree granting institutions from around the world. so students can 1) use credits towards degrees and eventually 2) qualify for financial assistance where provided in order to assist them with their studies.

Note that this school is aiming at international degree granting status, which may take a few years, but we have set the parts in place to achieve this goal.

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