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The New Moon in Gemini on May 25, 2017


There will be a New Moon in Gemini occurring at 4° degrees. This New Moon will be interacting with Hyades, the Taurus constellation. Let’s look at the mythological references of HYADES which have always been related to misery and shedding of tears due to misfortune and tragedy. The River ACHERON, runs through the Northwest of Greece. It was relayed that this river was born from one of the 5 rivers of the underworld, which was ruled by Hades, the ruthless God of the underworld. Having a Greek coin in their mouths, the souls of the dead would be traversed by Charon across Styx, another river of the underworld, to become entities of Hades’ Kingdom of the Dark. Those who did not have a coin in their mouths remained on the other side of the River to lament forever.

The ruler of the underworld, HADES, was often represented with his headdress that was made by the Cyclops for him and his three headed dog Cerberus, the guardian of the underworld. The trident was Hades’ most important weapon. Hades was married to Persephone, the daughter of the Fertility Goddess Demeter. Demeter had hidden Persephone so that no one would marry her. However, while Persephone was picking up flowers Hades had seen her and taken her to his Kingdom. Demeter had gotten so upset that she emaciated the whole wide world. Plants did not yield fruit. Zeus tricked Persephone to eat four pomegranate seeds which meant that Persephone had to go to the underworld for 4 months each and every year. And while Persephone’s mother mourned, the world would became a wasteland. This myth explains to us the winter season and the hardships that come with it.

According to Robson, Hyades is a fixed star. It is associated with sudden events, violence, poisoning and financial conflict and loss. Due to its relation with water, Hyades is also known as the Rainy Star and forebodes rain and storm for the farmers and seamen.

With this new moon, negative thoughts can lead to being inclined to depression. Along with this, an increase in discipline and natural disasters can also be observed.

However, according to Reinhold Ebertine, Hyades is related to sexual drive, self-preservation and insatiability, a surprising life, a striking increase in extreme and treacherous ways, efforts of prestige to be able to remain in power. It is of critical importance not to use power and endurance to usurp other people.

According to Robson, the degrees of the Sun and the Moon in Hyades is also related to homosexuality. She also cites that the desire to get higher learning, misfortune, convoluted thoughts and works could be interrupted. Robson has also associates this fixed star with fraud, illness, scandal, impaired vision and eye injuries, head injuries, murder and violent tragic events.

Those that have a 6 degree placement in Gemini in their natal charts could be more intensely effected by these energies.

Those of you with Ascendants and Moon signs in Gemini, can have more bothersome proponent problems when it comes to your love lives and financial matters, these problems might be a bit trying and can have a deep impact on your love life. Power and control, jealousy, over appropriation can strain the bonds in your existing relationships.

In general, the tendency to display dominant behavior can lead to some jarring and sudden events to occur even in smooth sailing matters. Remaining calm, staying away from barging in on ME vs. YOU conflict will help us overcome the dark repercussions of the New Moon in GEMINI.

Unhealthy, insecure relationships can suddenly end. However major or minor they may be, we should take into account any misfortune or hardship we will be encountering and try to fix them. That is the only way we can transform things and leave stumbling blocks behind us. With this New Moon in Gemini, we should ponder upon what we’ve been through since August 2016 up to this date, and strive to deal with our obsessions, heal the emotions and get rid of the habits that we have come fixated with. Darkness can only be overcome with the power of the light. Now we will either be enlightened by our own light or roll deeper into the dark, and be drawn to the bottom by falling victim to our own greed and anger; if we continue to burn and raze down what comes our way in order just to come out on top, we’ll be falling into hell by stoking our own burning flames. We may put an end to conflict in relationships, family life, business and our ongoing struggles and look at life from a whole new perspective.

We should question ourselves with this New Moon in Gemini.

Who am I?
What’s my aim in life?
Who is responsible of my happiness or unhappiness?
What have I done for myself, humanity and those who love me? Or what have I not done?
How much of my days do I spend complaining or producing something?
What does love mean?
How close or far away is patience from me?

Wishing you beautiful days that will take shape with the answers you will give to these questions not by looking at yourselves from the mirrors of others but from the mirror of your own conscience.

The Meaning of the New Moon

New Moon represents the end, and the beginning of a new moon cycle of 28 days. The New Moon in Gemini, is the perfect time to turn a new page in life, and start a new project.

All the possibilities and facts related to our plans for the future are on the table. While searching for new and creative ways to progress, we may question old habits, rigid behaviors and beliefs.

The effects of the New Moon in Gemini to occur on the 25th of May will last for 4 weeks till the 23rd of July. It is the best timeframe for new starts and commencing new projects.

N.B.: For the effects of the Gemini New Moon on the Zodiac Signs check out my next article.

Resources: Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.188. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1971, p.19.

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