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Yantras and the Magic of Squares

“Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe -- a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we, with our modest powers, must feel humble.” – Albert Einstein

Vastu gives significance to mandalas or plans for fire altars, places of worship, human habitation that includes homes, villages and townships. While divine habitation (temples, churches and masjids) is based on the magic figure 2, human habitation (residences, offices, malls and industries) is based on the magic figure of 3. – 64 module Manduka mandala (26) and 81 module Paramasayika mandala (34) respectively. When thus based they become yantras that hold powerful energy patterns within them.

yantras and the magic of squaresIn ancient India many yantras with numerical figures written on them were popular and used while constructing structural yantras mentioned above. One of the more popularly known yantras is the Sri Chakra Yantra. This powerful metaphysical yantra is based again on the magic number 9 and includes nine interlocking triangales. Five represent. Shakti or female strength and point down while four point up and signify Siva or male strength. The Sri Chakra is a powerhouse of metaphysical strength and is also known as Navayoni Chakra. The nine triangles are interlocked in such a way that they further form 43 triangles. This set of power triangles are surrounded by a circular lotus mandala of 8 petals (23) which in turn is surrounded by another circular lotus mandala of 16 petals (24). A square mandala with 4 central openings of each side completes the geometry of this powerful yantra.

It is a well known fact that the magic square of 3 by 3 that Vastu refers to as the Peeta Mandala has been used from the Vedic times for every act of devotion to divinity. Similarly the magic square of 4 by 4 (22 x 22) known as Maha Peeta have been also in use, one such place being the globally renknowed spot Khajuraho referred to as an ‘area charged with spiritual energy’ by a spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute. The magic square called Chautisa Yantra is found in Parshvanath temple of Khajuraho.

It is pertinent to note that in a Paramasayika Mandala we have forty five deities holding the Vastu Purushsa. The outer belt consists of 32 deities in the outer ring (25), 12 in the inner ring (22+23) and Brahma in the nabhi or navel of the Vastu Purusha. Thus held up Vastu Purusha’s position identifies northeast with sane thinking, southwest with strength and stability and northwest and southeast with excellent abilities of the younger generation.

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